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We celebrate Africa's diversity and uniqueness every day. We celebrate Africa's people and its remarkable indigenous and natural heritage. And we believe that we also need to give back to conserving nature and to promote fair trade practices in Africa. We have developed innovative and exciting lifestyle brands as part of the House of Baopod.

We develop and manufacture all of our products ourselves based on sound research and influenced by customer needs. All of our products are skillfully crafted by hand in the north west province of South Africa. 

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Baopod Nutraceuticals

100% Organic,Wildcrafted and Biodynamically cultivated


We donate part of our proceeds from each product we sell to conserve Africa's wildlife

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The House of Baopod is house to exciting and dynamic natural brands. Visit our shop to learn more about our products. You can now also purchase our products online. 

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  • Research

    We are actively involved in researching unique properties of plants

  • Lifestyle Products

    We can provide wholesale and unique 365 degree lifestyle products

  • Bespoke

    We manufacture bespoke  products aimed to promote overall wellbeing

  • 365 Degree Lifestyle Shop

    Our product range is available for retail in your shop or spa

  • Education

    We provide lifestyle and wellness workshops and training opportunities

  • Baopod 


    We can provide specialised nutraceuticals for your wellness establishment

  • Lodge, guesthouse ecosystems

    We work with game lodges, guest houses and other tourist facilities to research and commercialise indigenous products for community development and sustainability

  • Consulting

    We also offer custom made 365 degree lifestyle consulting that includes  interior decorating, landscape design, healthy living

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North-West Province

South Africa

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