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Baopod Classic - Celebrating Africa's indigenous heritage

Baopod Active - Athleisure skin care

BaoVine - High performance resveratrol skin care

Kine Kids and Teens

Anemony Image Consultants

Baopod Blossom - African Resort cosmetics and body car

Kitaka Spa

Our Founder


Baopod Natural Products was founded by multi award-winning Yolandi Schoeman with a background in conservation management, bio-technology, water resource management and ecological engineering.


Yolandi is an internationally qualified organic and natural skin care formulator with a background in formulating organic body and hair products, chocolate spa products, natural cosmetics, high performance cosmeceuticals and facial masque natural products. Yolandi is also a global leader in sustainability with work and postgraduate research in ecological engineering and biotechnology. Building and maintaining sustainable ecosystems together with integrating communities are key to our sustainability.

Yolandi has a passion for a well balanced 360 lifestyle and hope to inspire all with the unique product range on offer. 


Through Baopod, nature conservation is supported together with community upliftment. There is a unique African experience captured in each Baopod Natural Product.  Experience it.

What we stand for


Baopod Natural Products is a unique African brand that captures Africa in each and every product made. All products are made by hand.

At Baopod Natural Products:

  • We invent our own natural products. Every day!

  • Our products are made using the purest and freshest ingredients, carefully prepared by hand.

  • We use ECOCERT approved preservatives where many other fresh products are naturally preserved.

  • We believe in beauty without cruelty.

  • We believe in sustainably harvesting ingredients from nature.

  • We promote nature conservation and community upliftment through our supply and value chain.

  • We use the finest and best quality ingredients in all of our products.

  • Our products are free from toxins and harmful chemicals such as cocamide DEA, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES) PEGs, mineral oil, Cocamide MEA, Tetra Sodium EDTA and Parabens  (amongst many other).

  • We support organic agriculture and local farmers.

  • We support a healthy ecosystem by keeping toxic chemicals out of the soil, water and air.

  • We believe that our children should be brought up without being exposed to the many controversial and potentially harmful chemicals in many of the everyday body and bath products.


North-West Province

South Africa

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