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Visiting the Nama Karoo, or rather "where the ram fell"

We recently had an exciting trip to the Nama Karoo and Namaqualand area where we visit one of the wineries where our organic wines comes from.

We use organic wines, - grapeseed and -oil in our BaoVine range due to the high amount of antioxidants and polyphenols it contains (such as Resveratrol for anti-ageing). Our wineries, where we source our organic products from, are situated from Stellebosch to the Vredendal area.

One thing was quite evident. The vineyards where busy waking up...

We travelled from Cape Town and immense drought conditions where evident along most of the way. The Namaqualand flower blooms where also more scarce this year.

We visited the qaint towns of Vredendal, Koekenaap and Lutzville. It was amazingly refreshing to visit the area. It was my first visit to the area and I instantly fell in love with the vegetation, the people and way of living.

I was unexpectedly surprised and inspired by Stellar Organic whilst visiting the world renowned organic winery in Namaqualand, Vredendal. Apart from the exceptional hospitality and the eagerness to share knowledge- of the core management team - I could somehow relate to the serial entrepreneur Willem Rossouw that keeps on reinventing Stellar. From his and Stellars' inspirational story, setbacks where in many cases the precursor to unmatched opportunities. I ...left Stellar, after a couple of hours with the team, feeling as being part of Stellar, unexpectedly motivated to work even harder and exceptionally inpired. The Stellar experience.

Thank you Willem, Klaas, Jacques and Hoofseun for sharing a piece of your world with us!



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