Organic sesame, grapeseed, coconut and wild harvested African Manketti seed oils moisturise, nourish, protect and soothe the delicate skin of babies and young children and are rich in natural linoleic acids. It is fragrance free, and is suitable for children that has dry, moisture deprived and problematic skin. Contains NO petrochemicals, fragrance, paraffin or mineral oils.


Kiné was established by young Miané (age 4) and Keira (age 3) to develop a truly natural body range for babies, young children and teenagers whilst supporting communities in Africa. Organic natural oils are used in their products to promote sustainability and all of their natural oils are sustainably sourced. Part of the proceeds in selling this product will also be donated to conservation efforts in South Africa. Kiné aqueous cream contains no petrochemicals, paraffin or mineral oils and only includes natural and Ecocert approved ingredients that promote natural wellbeing and enhance the natural functioning of the skin.


Because looking after your skin should start from as early as possible, and better even, doing it the way nature intended it to. Naturally!

Kine Organic Aqueous Cream

With Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Bentonite Clay: With Roman Chamomile Lavender and Bentonite Clay


    North-West Province

    South Africa

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